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ISO is the first neutral Service Index for the logistics industry, Lean Solutions Group has partnered with ISO to provide our customers with turnkey access to industry-wide performance benchmarks, dynamic customer and carrier scorecards, and network data on facilities and carriers to pinpoint strengths, source intelligently, and reduce the costs of poor service.

Benefits of Our Partnership

Industry-First Service Benchmarks: Access ISO's neutral benchmarks to compare your network performance against peers across key standardized logistics KPIs.
Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips: Leverage dynamic scorecards for shippers, carriers, facilities, lanes, and employees to collaboratively optimize service levels.
Smarter Carrier Sourcing: Power Lane provides a searchable database of in- and out-of-network carriers based on historical lane performance, enabling data-driven selection and onboarding.
Supercharged TMS Integration: Pull ISO performance data and benchmarks directly into your TMS and internal scorecards, empowering your team with real-time insights.  

Easy Integration with Lean

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All About ISO

(Formerly CarrierDirect)

At the core of this powerful partnership lies ISO, the industry's leading Transportation Performance Intelligence platform.

ISO empowers all parties in the logistics chain – shippers, brokers, and carriers – with the ability to:
Measure Total Transportation Cost:
Go beyond traditional pricing. ISO equips you to analyze the true cost of transportation, uncovering hidden expenses associated with poor service.
Data-Driven Carrier Selection:
Leverage ISO's trustworthy industry benchmarks and performance data tools. This allows you to make informed decisions for carrier procurement, ensuring you select reliable partners who optimize your network.
Differentiate Your Service to Shippers
Sell to your strengths and justify rates using objective, third-party benchmark data that demonstrates where your service shines.
"With ISO and Lean Solutions Group, we can track performance with transparency, identify necessary adjustments, and make real-time changes to drive improvements – ultimately leading to better service for our clients."
Operations Team Lead @ Echo Global Logistics